Our Team

QSIs team comprises qualified and highly experienced Biologists, chemists, food chemists and pharmacists. These are assisted by qualified and well trained personnel like laboratory assistants and EDP experts, all working together in complete synchronicity.


G. Beckh
Gudrun Beckh:
Biologist, CEO, Product Manager Honey
Th. Hülseberg
Thomas Hülseberg: Biologist, Technical Director, Sales Manager Tentamus
Dr. Lüllmann
Dr. Cord Lüllmann: Chemist, technical Coordinator Tentamus
T. Wiezorek
Tobias Wiezorek:
Food Chemist, QM-Representative, Manager Chromatography, IRMS


J. Wehlitz
Jürgen Wehlitz:
Food Chemist, Sampling, Food Law
A. Hoffmann
Annika Hoffmann:
Food Chemist, Sensory, PCR, Food Law
S. Bartz
Stefanie Bartz: Food Chemist, Food Law
J. Steinbach
Jasmin Steinbach: Chemical-technical Assistant, Purchase, Laboratory Manager


A. Dübecke
Arne Dübecke: Environmental Scientist, Research and Development, Expert Pyrrolizidin-Alkaloids
U. Karassek
Uwe Karassek:
Sales Manager, Customer Service
A. Krause
Aline Krause: Chemical-technical Assistant, Customer Service, Order Management
J. Mißler
Dr. Jane Mißler:
Analytical Chemist, Project Manager NMR


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