Ms Beckh
Mrs. G. Beckh

Our managing director Mrs. Gudrun Beckh is in charge as chairman of the International Honey Commission (IHC).

The International Honey Commission (IHC) was formed in 1990 in order to create a new international standard for honey analysis. All common tests of honey have been collectively checked and summarised as “Harmonised methods of the European Honey Commission”, published in Apidologie, extra issue, 1-59, 1997.

Based on these results the new honey standards have been set as Codex Alimentarius and nominated for the EC regulation. The new EC Honey Regulation has been published in 2001.

The IHC is a network, created for the enhancement of knowledge on quality and research on honey. Members are engaged in honey research worldwide. The goal is to revise and unify analytical methods for honey and honey products.

Presently the IHC is chaired by Mrs. Beckh (Germany), co-chairs are Teresa Sancho (Spain) and Ligia Bicudo (Brazil).





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