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New Evaluation of Honey Profiling at QSI

Since 2014 we evaluate honey into typical and untypical with their classical evaluation system. To be more clear and precise for our customers we decided to change the system.

The current system declares a honey into typical (as defined by the Annex I and II EU Honey Directive 2001/110) if no deviations in the parameters and the entire NMR profile (fingerprint of the honey) can be observed. An untypical honey shows indications of adulteration in the NMR profile mainly in the sugar area or also in deviating quality parameters.

From the beginning of August 2017 we will implement the new evaluation system. This system shall simplify and specify the evaluation of honey by means of NMR. In general if a honey comes in for testing we are looking for two aspects, first of all for adulteration with either sugar or syrup and second for the quality and authenticity of the honey. An addition of sugar or syrup would clearly lead to an “adulterated” honey evaluation and quality issues like high HMF concentrations or fermentation indicated by high ethanol content automatically to an untypical evaluation. Click here for more information.

Meanwhile, we plan to extend the analyses with NMR spectroscopy from honey up to other substances like oils and essential oils.

Announcement according to agave syrup

As from November 2017 testing according to the Mexican standard for the export of agave syrup will be required, QSI offers/will offer these tests. In addition to testing by NOM-methods (official Mexican norm), QSI offers sophisticated and comprehensive authenticity tests using LC-IRMS and NMR. Please click here for further information.


MLNew staff member strengthens QSI

We are pleased to announce that QSI staff is supported competently by

Martin Linkogel, food chemist

Mr Linkogel has longtime experience in the fields of  method development and quality control on food and pharmaceuticals.

In his capacity as QSI deputy managing director he provides competent expertise to all questions according to our services on food and pharmaceuticals.


Analysis of hemp products and cannabis

The popularity of products containing hemp (Cannabis) for industrial use (low in cannabinoids) is continuously increasing. Hemp seeds or protein powder produced from hemp are typical products available on the market. As the amounts of narcotic/psychotropic substances may differ considerably between different types of hemp it is crucial to know the exact content of these compounds in the product.
Analysis of these substances requires a special authorization by the Federal Opium Agency (Bundesopiumstelle) as the necessary reference materials belong to the group of narcotic/psychotropic substances. QSI holds this special authorization and is entitled to perform these analyses of hemp products.

For further information click here.



Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L. new member in Tentamus group

We are delighted to welcome Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello, S.L. (Spain) as a new member under the auspices of the Tentamus Group. With the key focus in olive and olive oil analyis we are able to broaden our services portfolio.


Tentamus Group acquires TÜV Rheinland Food Division

TÜV Rheinland, a global leader of independent quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world, announced that it has decided to step out of the food analytics testing services business and will  sell all food related activities to Berlin/German based Tentamus Group.

TÜV Rheinland operated its food related services out of three high end laboratories in Fuzhou, Hainan both in China, as well as Kaohsiung in Taiwan. In addition, the TÜV Rheinland food auditing and classification business is bundled in its daughter company Luxcontrol GmbH out of Hamburg, Germany. For further information click here.


Symbiotic Research new member in Tentamus group

We are delighted to welcome  Symbiotic Research (USA) as a new member under the auspices of the Tentamus Group. With its expertise in environmetal analyis we are again able to broaden our scope of services internationally.


Quant QS new member in Tentamus Group

We are delighted to welcome Quant Qualitätssicherung GmbH (Germany) as a new member under the auspices of the Tentamus Group. With the key focus of Quant QS is microbiology including hygiene & consulting services to regional clients with strong focus on bio product we are again able to broaden our microbiological portfolio.




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