QSI – a remarkable success story

In 1954, Dr. Herwarth Duisberg laid the foundation of the “Institut für Honiganalytik”, being the first in setting legal quality control parameters for honey in Germany. These have been documented and published in various books on analytical food chemistry like “Honig und Kunsthonig” in the “Handbuch der Lebensmittelchemie”, authored by Dr. Duisberg (Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York). Moreover, Dr. Duisberg is the co-author of the book “Der Honig” (Eugen Ulmer Verlag, Stuttgart).

In 1976 Dr. Bela Talpay took over from Dr. Duisberg. He published the “Specifications for Honey”, defining the characteristics for the main unifloral honey types imported to Germany at that time.

The present head, Dr. Cord Lüllmann, took over in 1989. Additionally to analysis of honeys from all over the world he extended the company’s range of services by adding the testing of further foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and non-food products. This broadened spectrum of analyses is reflected in the new name of the company: QSI – Quality Services International.

Today QSI is engaged intenationally in EC funded projects that aim to better the quality of consumer products.

Dr. Cord Lüllmann is the co-author of the book “Honey” (1992) together with Dr. Dr. Helmut Horn (Munich).

By combining long-standing experience with commitment, we assure the two main foundations of our quality policy: maintaining the reliability of our laboratory results within the framework of daily testing routines as well as our passion for analytical Innovation. Our motivated and well trained employees are working hard to maintain this high standard.




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